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Second hand lace gloves

Outfit today:

Leather coat: Mexx
Top: vintage
Necklace: Accesoirize

First day of school.

My outfit:
Kimono: topshop (eye cather)
Pants: zara, high waisted 
Shoes: no name
Bag: shabbies

I bought this lovely dress today and I was so happy because the  saleslady told me that she was happy that I bought that dress, because she found that I looked pretty in it. It was actually the first time that I went shopping alone, so it made my day to hear something like that. And I know that I’m not perfect, not thin enough and I don’t know what more. But there is one thing I will never forget: being who you are is more important than being who everyone else wants that you are. 

Dress: think twice (T2, vintage)

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